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Hoogendoorn MBI Entrance

Hoogendoorn MBI is carpenter for custom made
interior projects on land and water. For the
staircase their skills were put to the test. The result
is remarkable: transparent black stairs around a wall
of wooden beams with recessed lighting.

Hoogendoorn MBI - desks

The office counts 3 floors with open work places.
On the ground floor the desks for the landbased
projects and on the first floor the maritime projects.
We have designed custom plug-in desks that are
height adjustable either for sitting or standing.

Hoogendoorn MBI - maritime meeting

Hoogendoorn MBI is well-known carpenter, it’s also
a family business with 3 generations and 60years of
experience in maritime projects! Therefor we highlighted
two areas in corporate blue, the maritime meeting
room and cozy relax lounge with open view the river.

Hoogendoorn MBI - showroom

On the top floor the open space is a sample room
where clients and architects welcomed, helped out
and even pampered in lounge bar with roof terrace.
All cupboards for materials are custom designed and

Hoogendoorn MBI - meeting room

The top floor also accommodates two meeting rooms:
The Brabant room which is a tribute to their location,
their red-white blocked flag and the typical cozyness
this region is known for. The Heritage room is a tribute
to the 60th anniversary and history is told in a 3d time line.